The Worst Thing in My World

The worst thing happened.  The absolute worst.

My oven broke.

I had just preheated it to bake potatoes, and the electricity went out.  CB found the breaker and reset it, and the oven started happily whirring again.  I popped the potatoes in, set the timer, and went about the rest of dinner.  You’d think I’d have felt it when I got the potatoes out of the oven — you’d think — but I was so flustered trying to get everything to the table that I didn’t even notice.  It was already warm from preheating when I put them in, but they were so not cooked.

It turns out that something in the heating mechanism snapped or burnt or whatever happens when it stops working, and it tripped the breaker.  Until the landlord gets on fixing it — and they usually try to fix everything themselves, and unsuccessfully at that — I’m thinking it won’t happen for a while.

Until then, I suppose I will be making entirely slow cooker and stove top recipes.  At least those guys haven’t crapped out on me yet (except half the stove.  Oh.  I forgot about that.).


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